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Ph.: (495) 234-53-89
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Our publications
Marketing: it is difficult to be the god
How to begin the business
Our opportunities have already outstripped our desires!
7 years in the market of marketing is much or a little? (Interview генеального directors of Joint-Stock Company MMTS ' Kaluga - Moscow ' M.N.Krohinoj)
Cheaply - does not mean inefficiently (Executive director МА G.L.Askinazi's "System MMTS" for "Marketing ru")
ANALOGUES ARE NOT PRESENT ("Marketing ru" talks to the President of "System MMTS" Elena Emel'janovoj)
The hen bearing(carrying) gold eggs (Interview of the general director of Joint-Stock Company MMTS " Kurgan - Moscow " Men'shchikovoj of Larissa to the journalist of the city newspaper " Kurgan and курганц
How to receive the good state order. (Interview of general Director ММЦ
Interview of the general Director of Joint-Stock Company MMTS " Arkhangelsk - Moscow "
Internet - technologies as an element of management of b2b-processes
Inter-regional marketing: information resources
Tools of Internet - marketing for promotion of production on the regional markets
The non-authorized mailing lists on behalf of the IMC Network
On a joint of marketing technologies ("Business for all", March, 2002)
Internet-business: "after rain"
What information is necessary for small business?
Whether your money in Internet lay? (a part IV)
Whether your money in Internet lay? (a part III)
Whether your money in Internet lay? (a part II)
Whether your money in Internet lay? (part I)
System MMTS: the usual traditions and new decisions
To be or to not be to the market of marketing services of Altai territory
Necessary help for regional businessmen
Not a superfluous toy in a collection of solvent firm
New way to regions
The analysis of inquiries of clients " the Inter-regional marketing centre "Moscow"
System MMTS: time - to business

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