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Examples of other projects
1. Organizational and marketing support for Italian companies participating in the “Macef Moscow” exhibition in June 2004.

/content/file.asp?r=7989 The exhibition of Italian products “Macef Moscow” of home and fashion accessories was held on June 7th –9th 2004 in Moscow at “Expocenter” in Krasnaya Presnya St., showroom № 7.

The exhibition was attended by representatives from more then 70 Italian companies that presented four main profiles: houseware and kitchen appliances, imitation jewelry and fashion accessories, souvenirs and silverware, modern home design and home textile. The estimated number of people who attended the exhibition was around 2000.

The main IMC “Moscow” task was to inform regional companies about the exhibition, select the most promising companies and invite them to the event. IMC Network centers were involved in work, as result more than 60 profile companies were invited to participate from 10 regions: Ekaterinburg, Samara, Kazan, Rostov–on-Don, Kemerovo, Saint-Petersburg, Saratov, Nizhniy-Novgorod, Ryazan, Penza.

Regional participants were satisfied with the exhibition organization and a cultural program, organized by the Italian part. Some of them could buy directly at an exhibition the production of the Italian manufacturers which has interested them.

2. Organizational and marketing support of participation of Indian manufacturers in the footwear exhibition “MosShoes”.

The Project was implemented under the order of Indian Council of Leather Exporters (CLE) in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Indian embassy in Moscow.

/content/file.asp?r=7994 One of the goals of the project was to create a validated database of 500 Russian profile ventures, to send them informational letters and organize bilateral meetings with Indian companies that participated in business mission based on exhibit mounts at the “MosShoes 2004”in Gostinny Dvor on the 4th till the 7th of October.

The Customer, the Indian Council of Leather Exporters, was interested in maximum effect of the “MosShoes 2004” event. The Customer had also set a goal to organize negotiations with 100 most appealing Russian companies within the exhibition.

In order to fulfill the Customers goals a campaign was launched to inform Russian firms about the business mission of Indian companies and invite them to negotiations.

About 1700 calls were made, more then 500 faxes with information on Indian manufacturers were sent and consequently more then 210 application forms were filed to participate in business meetings.

3. PET Package Database

An Italian Customer –PET Package form manufacturer that participated in Moscow exhibition the “Package 2005” expressed its intention to invite to its mounts representatives of Russian companies that can be interested in their products.

Thus it was a task for IMC “Moscow” to search and find Russian companies involved in PET Package form manufacturing and beverage packaging (mineral water, soda and beer) and identify the person responsible for package purchase.

On performing the telemarketing service IMC “Moscow” acquired the validated data on 100 Russian profile companies.

4. Business mission of Moscow and Saint Petersburg travel agencies to Veneto region (Italy) in order to learn about local camping and tourist villages.

Since the 10th up to the 17th of September a business mission of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg travel agencies was taken to Italy in order to get acquainted with Venetian camping and tourist villages.

The project was launched in March 2005 in collaboration with the International Economic Cooperation Center “Informest” with help of the Veneto region government and the Department of tourist villages and camping development (“FAITA Federcamping Veneto”).

First stage of the project comprised in search of the potential business partners among Moscow and Saint Petersburg travel companies that already worked with Italy and were interested in developing a new direction yet little familiar to Russian customers.

More then 80 travel agencies from Moscow and more then 40 from Saint Petersburg were informed about intentions of Italian camping owners to operate on Russian market and possibility to participate in cognitive trip to Italy.

Basing on the application forms for the participation in the business mission were selected 5 major travel agencies: the “Intourist”, “Rimsky Kanikyli”, DSBW, “Invest Marvik” and “Altair” (Saint Petersburg).

The visits to camping areas were organized during three days when Russian guests had all opportunities to study carefully the infrastructure which proved to be more advanced and family (children and seniors) -oriented.

Comparing to the hotels a camping has a vast territory with varied choice of accommodation - it is possible to live in a private trailer or a tent, a bungalow with its own surrounding area or apartments and even a small hostel.

There is a swimming pool, several restaurants, bicycle rent service, a supermarket and a gym located on every camping territory and each family living there is supplied with sunshade and two plank beds for the beach. All the apartments have conditioners and satellite television.

Total number of camping areas attended was 12 (those were of three, four and five stars categories), in four regions of Veneto: Cavalino, Eraklea, Bibione and Chioggia.

As the result of the mission business meetings were held between Russian directors and Italian camping owners. The most popular among Russian travel agencies turned out to be bungalows for 4-6 persons and apartments. Negotiations on pricing for the year 2006 and commission fee for Russian travel agencies would be proceeded via email after the Russian party will have discussed its terms of collaboration for the next year.

A new business mission was scheduled for May 2006 involving regional travel agencies.

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