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Moskva, Varshavskoe sh., d. 47, k. 4, 3 ehtazh
Ph.: (495) 234-53-89
Fax: (495) 234-53-89

How to begin the business
The detailed information on all infrastructure of support of small business in Moscow is concentrated on a интернет-portal " Small business of Moscow " where is not only all necessary addresses and phones of the organizations of support, but also ALGORITHM of the reference(manipulation) in various instances which is necessary at the organization of new business. Speech about it is in section of a site " Small business of Moscow " - " CIRCUITS of CREATION of BUSINESS ".

International association " system MMTS "

The phone (495 629-27-09

Fax (495 924-46-41 Internet-address


115035 address, Moscow,

Marsh street, д. 12, page. З

The president - Elena L'vovna Emel'janova

International association " system MMTS " is association of the professional marketing companies. Now she(it) represents the unique marketing partnership of the all-Russian scale integrated in world(global) system of international tactical and strategic marketing.

- Specialization of "System MMTS", - tells Elena Emel'janova, is a информационно-marketing service of the Russian and foreign firms in sphere of trading and industrial cooperation. We - not unique structure in the market of marketing services. On rendering of them other companies, quite often enough large specialize many.

- Than System MMTS differs from all other companies?

- System MMTS differs from any marketing company what differs, for example, large holding from the single enterprise. Even such known companies as "ВЦИОМ-MONITORING", "Маграм", "Комкон" when will carry out(spend) researches or the interrogations, preternatural Moscow, are compelled each time to search in the region of the partner necessary to them which would perform this work on their assignment(order) on a place, preliminary explaining, in what format of her(it) it is necessary to carry out and under what standards. To us to search time partners in regions there is no necessity as in the majority overwhelming them the System has professional firms which work as its(her) centres on a constant basis. They conduct regular monitoring the local and inter-regional markets and provide promotion on them of the goods and services. Due to this the System provides commodity streams not only under the circuit " Moscow - region - Moscow ", but also under the circuit " region - region ". Besides the System has a number(line) of the marketing centres in foreign countries. In total now in structure of System 71 inter-regional marketing centre operates. In 2005, for example, they realized 770 horizontal inter-regional projects on promotion of the goods.

- What kinds of services the system headed by you can offer the businessman who will address for the help?

- We can prompt it(him), in what region or city his(its) production can find demand, we can help to create in the regions necessary to it(him) the дистрибьюторскую a network, we shall help to find partners for joint business to organize the effective advertising company, to develop marketing strategy of the enterprise, to lead(carry out) "retail" audit. If it is necessary for the businessman - we shall give analytical reports or results of marketing researches on many regions or any group of the goods. By the way, to get acquainted with some reports and initiative researches, to the businessman not necessarily personally to address in any ММЦ. It(he) can get acquainted through the Internet with them on our portal, and free-of-charge. It is very much claimed service. You see each businessman well should know a situation in sector of the market in which it(he) works, and specially to order marketing research to a small enterprise, as against large corporation or "network", simply it is too expensive is an expensive(a dear) pleasure. At last, within the framework of complex service " Presentation marketing " we can lead(carry out) a complex of actions for active and purposeful promotion of his(its) production in the regions chosen him(it).

- Recently System MMTS even more often began to use such form of promotion of the goods, as " Business missions " …

Is rather new form. She(it) was born from our presentation marketing. We organized it(him) for separate businessmen. Then the idea to organize such presentations at once for the whole group of businessmen has come. We have finished for this purpose a technique, having defined(determined), what spadework the marketing centre which brings businessmen in region should do and that particularly should execute the centre in the region accepting group. Work this is carried out in view of wishes of businessmen. Under the order of businessmen we do(make) marketing researches on commodity groups in various regions. In result businessmen who in structure " Business mission " are going to go in region, beforehand know, what goods there will be claimed, and businessmen of accepting region too beforehand know, that it will be offered to them, and their meeting is, to an essence, the final stage of negotiations of business partners in which us to interfere already is not present necessity. Trial " Business mission " we have lead(carried out) the first in Samara. Prepared for it(her) very carefully as businessmen agreed to participate in it(her) not undoubtedly. But after full success with which she(it) was finished to agitate businessmen to participate in " Business missions " it is not necessary. The last year we have organized already such 9 missions basically in the field of the Central Federal district. In present year we plan to lead(carry out) not less than 10 of " Business missions ", and are going to expand their geography, in the plan trips of the Moscow businessmen to Tyumen, Kemerovo, to Altai territory cost(stand).

- System MMTS - dynamically developing structure. Whether the increase of number ММЦ, and also kinds of services and works which they carry out is planned this year?

- In our System, really, practically annually there are new Centres. But already we do not put a problem(task) to increase their number. For us main now - quality of their work. We watch(keep up) it very exactingly, carrying out continuous monitoring of their activity. And if somewhere reduce requirements to itself, we refuse their services. To replace them always is whom. Annually to us 50-60 regional professional marketing companies which are ready to join our System address and to work as our Centre. Completely new and scale enough work should be executed head ММЦ our System - ММЦ "Moscow". January, 10 at session of the Government of Moscow the decision to create the Register of competitive commodity producers of Moscow was accepted. It is very important work, she(it) is required both to businessmen, and all divisions of the Government of Moscow, and administrations of regions. Experts of prefectures, certainly, will take part in work on drawing up of such Register, regional управ, separate structures of support of small business, but generalization should be undertaken to experts ММЦ "Moscow". It would be desirable to wish them success.

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