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About the project - 2008
The inter-regional marketing centre "Moscow" (ММЦ "Moscow") under the order of Department of support and development of small business of city of Moscow at support of the Territorial centres of development of business of city of Moscow realize the Project " the Business - marathon ’ 2006. The organization of business missions of the Moscow small enterprises in regions of the Russian Federation " (further "Project").

ММЦ "Moscow" is head office of System of the Inter-regional Marketing Centres (System MMTS), created in 1997 the Government of Moscow with a view of assistance to the Moscow small enterprises in a conclusion of production to the markets of regions of Russia, the countries of near and distant foreign countries. At the present moment System MMTS includes more than 70 regional marketing centres in territory of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

The project is realized with the purpose of assistance to the Moscow small enterprises in development of inter-regional cooperation and expansion of a commodity market of own production. During the past of 2005 it was carried out(spent) 9 business missions of the Moscow enterprises to regions of Russia with the purpose of an establishment of partner attitudes(relations) with the regional trading companies. With their results it is possible will familiarize in section /content/doc-0-6965.html. In the current 2006 the organization not less 10-ти business missions is planned. The organization of similar projects already for a long time and widely practises the advanced countries and is one of the basic tools of an establishment of the international cooperation.

The project stipulates special preliminary preparation of business - contacts of participants of business delegation by forces ММЦ "Moscow" and the regional centres of System MMTS with application of modern marketing technologies. For each participant of delegation by regional office of System MMTS it will be picked up from 5 up to 10 potential trading partners – the profile companies appropriate to wishes of the Moscow company - participant of the Project.

Technology of realization. Employees of regional offices of System MMTS professionally carry out purposeful actions on search and the selection of the companies optimum appropriate to given requirements and enter with them negotiating process. Work will be carried out(spent) stage by stage.

At the first stage search of the most appreciable participants of the market in interesting branch is carried out, the brief description of their features is made. Then telephone marketing ("прозвон" will be carried out(spent) with the purpose of reception of the additional information on the regional companies and definition of a degree of interest in a meeting and negotiations. On the basis of the received information 10-15 most perspective get out for cooperation of the companies and is fixed time meetings with the employee of regional office of System MMTS, with the purpose of realization of exploratory talk concerning to possible(probable) partnership with the Moscow firm - participant of the Project. During exploratory talk the presentation of promotional materials, samples of production and the offer of the capital company will be carried out(spent). Thus the script of negotiations - presentation is made in such a manner that allows to receive the argued opinion on each item(point) of the offer. On results of these negotiations the report /content/file.asp?r=6367 which contains an expert estimation of the regional market and his(its) basic operators, prospect of work in region, the description of a competitive situation and marketing activity of competitors, the analysis weak and strengths of the made offer is transferred the Moscow participant of the project.

The Moscow enterprise in which attitude(relation) of the offer interest is shown on the part of the several regional companies, becomes the participant of business trip to region during which its(her) representatives can meet regional firms and carry on bilateral negotiations for concrete conditions of cooperation.

Each business mission (further) will pass DM within 2 days.

In the first day the trunk-call platform will be organized. In the specially equipped hall of a hotel complex or business center trunk-call places with an opportunity of accommodation of samples and presentation materials will be organized. Within day to the Moscow participants of DM for realization of negotiations under beforehand planned diagram of meetings there will come representatives of the regional companies. For each Moscow participant the organization from 5 up to 10 meetings is planned. Thus the participant of DM beforehand receives the information under the rules of meetings and the developed(unwrapped) data on the визави.

In the second day it is supposed to organize trips of the Moscow participants to offices of regional firms with which by results of meetings in the first day is solved to continue negotiations in their territory.

In a case if the company - participant has no an opportunity to take part in DM, having on hands /content/file.asp?r=6367 with results of preliminary meetings and coordinates of the regional companies, she(it) can continue negotiations by the phone or the Internet. By results of these negotiations, organizers of the Project are ready to render organizational support of individual visit of the Moscow company in region.

Experience of the organization of similar projects. The first business mission passed in November, 2004, was organized /content/doc-2-5366.html. During the past of 2005 9 more DM were carried out(spent). During the carried out(spent) bilateral meetings participants of DM managed to reach(achieve) quite concrete arrangements on trial purchases, deliveries and dealer agreements. /content/doc-2-5353.html testify to efficiency of the project. More detailed information on this DM, and also /content/doc-2-5337.html you can find /content/doc-0-6965.html in section.

Conditions of participation.
Requirements to participants of the project:
• the Enterprise should be small
• the Enterprise should be industrial
• the Enterprise should be registered in city of Moscow

Participation in the project free-of-charge. Charges on travel and residing become covered on 50 % from means of the Project and 50 % from own means of companies - participants.

Regions of realization of DM are defined(determined) on the basis of wishes of the Moscow enterprises, potential participants of DM. The first DM is planned to middle of March, 2006.

In case of interest in participation in the Project it is necessary for you to direct to us /BusinessMissions/application.asp where it is necessary to specify regions interesting you.

To the moment of the beginning of preparation of DM in that region which you will specify in /BusinessMissions/application.asp, we shall contact you and we shall begin teamwork on preparation of business trip.

We express confidence, that the offered Project will promote expansion of geography of sales and prosperity of your enterprise.

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