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Our address
Moskva, Varshavskoe sh., d. 47, k. 4, 3 ehtazh
Ph.: (495) 234-53-89
Fax: (495) 234-53-89

About association

The review of International Association " IMC Network "

IMC Network was founded in 1997 and is the association of the professional marketing companies. Now it is the unique marketing partnership of the all-Russian scale integrated in world system of international tactical and strategic marketing.

Specialization of the IMC Network – information and marketing service of the Russian and foreign firms in sphere of trading and industrial cooperation, selection of trading and industrial partners, formation distributor networks, promotion of goods in the regional and foreign markets, preparation and support of investment programs.

The main distinctive feature of the IMC Network from other Russian marketing companies is the ramified regional network covering 90 % of economically active territory of the Russian Federation. Today in structure of the IMC Network there are 67 marketing centres in territory of Russia, in the countries of CIS and far abroad.

Mission of International Association " IMC Network "


Being the leader among the domestic network companies engaged in direct marketing, IMC Network systematically expands its presence in the Russian regions, countries of CIS and abroad.


IMC Network sees the task of a professional monitoring and the analysis of condition of the regional markets, allowing to skilfully predict the successful strategy of our clients coming to them


The IMC Network is going to use actively and consistently the cumulative experience, knowledge of features of the Russian regions and high technologies of inter-regional marketing for all-round support of internationalization of the Russian and foreign companies. Experience of our experts provides the qualified preparation and reliable support of investment programs.


The major principle of work with clients is an individual approach to everyone, the maximal responsiveness of his specific requirements. The complex services rendered to clients are directed on the solving the questions: « Where it is better to sell the goods? », « To whom is it better to sell? » and « How to sell? ». To the firms having the competitive goods, we always guarantee selection of the worthy partner.


Due to actual presence of the centres of System directly in regions all work is based on direct reception of the initial information just from the persons owning it, and also with use of special marketing methods.


IMC Network forms the international team of professionals, continuously taking care of raising of their qualification and devotion to corporate values

Strategic tasks of International Association " IMC Network "

  • Achievement of strong leading positions in the field of services of inter-regional and international marketing
  • The maximal expansion of a spectrum and improvement of quality of services given to Clients
  • Intensive development of a partner network in Russia and abroad
  • Development and perfection of new forms of inter-regional marketing with use of modern electronic technologies
  • Strategic partnership with the international marketing associations and unions

Management of International Association " IMC Network "

· Elena Emelianova – the President of Association. Questions of conducting: strategic questions of development of the IMC Network, contacts to business and governmental circles of Russia and foreign countries. The first vice-president of the Moscow fund for support of small business. Since 1994 is engaged in creation of systems of SME support in Moscow and Russia. Since 1997 – the project head of IMC Network. Base education – M.Torez Institute of Foreign Languages. Additional – Institute of Marketing (Helsinki).

· Gennady Askinazi – the executive director of Association. Questions of conducting: the current management of Association, the organization of work as a whole. In the past one of leading engineers in the field of automation of scientific researches in system of institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the successful businessman. Moscow Energetic Institute.

· Marina Krohina – member of Board. Questions of conducting: running the questions of investment activity of Association, interaction of Association with regional and municipal administrations in subjects of the Russian Federation. Since 1997 - General director of "IMC"Kaluga - Moscow ». In the past the director of Scientific and Technical Promotional Centre. In 1997 – training at University of State California (USA) on a speciality « Economic development of state and municipality ». In 2001 – training in Italy under the project « Regional business networks ». Since 1999 up to present time the adviser of the Russian - German investment project « TVP Kaluga ». The adviser of the program « "Small cities of Russia" of institute Open Society ». Bauman Moscow State University.

· Vladimir Makarov – member of Board. Questions of conducting: legal and methodological aspects of activity of Association. General director of "IMC" Kazan - Moscow ». In the past the vice-president of Trade Union of workers of medium and small business of Republic Tatarstan, the head of some non state enterprises and organizations. Graduated from the A.N.Tupolev Kazan Aviation Institute. In 2001 passed a training in Italy on disciplines: information technologies, the international marketing, the international trading operations and contracts, the international financial tools, management of projects.

· Maxim Markov – member of Board. Questions of conducting: questions of development and perfection of technologies of services. The general director of Agency of Marketing Technologies "DirektMEDIA" (Novosibirsk). Carried out more than 20 large inter-regional marketing projects. The student of the national premium in the field of public relations « Silver Archer» – 2000 ». "DirectMEDIA" was included in the book - catalogue " 50 best PR-campaigns of Russia ». In the past: the director of Novosibirsk regional branch RA " Maxim ", the director of projects of research association " MediaSOFT ", the general director of corporate marketing agency of regional trading holding, one of lecturers of the program of seminars on marketing (Mexico, Mexico - City) « Features of marketing of transnational brands in the regional markets of Russia ». Base education: Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University « Faculty of business and Entrepreneurship». Additional education: the business School of Novosibirsk College of technical trades and special tekhnologies on a speciality "Management"; the international program of seminars on marketing and promotion of trade marks (the Great Britain, London).

· Timur Ablayev – member of Board. Questions of conducting: questions of cooperation with partners of the countries of Asia and the Far East. General director of the IMC "Tashkent - Moscow", the director on marketing group of companies FAVORIT (Tashkent). Has ended the Kiev National Economic University. The marketing expert. The initiator of creation and Vice-president of Uzbekistan branch of the International Advertising Association (IAA).

· Sergey Shabelnikov – a member of Board. Questions of conducting: questions of cooperation with partners of the countries of the CIS. General director of the IMC "Krasnodar - Moscow". In the past the successful businessman, the adviser for marketing Fund for support of business of Kuban. Carried out more than 20 inter-regional projects. The responsible secretary of Federation of commodity producers of Kuban. Graduated from the Kuban Polytechnical University.

· George Bolshakov – member of Board. Questions of conducting: questions of cooperation with partners of the countries of Europe and America. The director on external communications and international projects of the IMC "Ivanovo - Moscow". The chairman of board « Association of graduates of the presidential program » Ivanovo area. In the past the deputy director of the Ivanovo state fund of support of small business. Greduated from the Ivanovo State Energy Institute. Graduate from the Presidential program on preparations of the administrative staff for the organizations of a national economy. Passed training in USA, Italy, England.

Our clients

Our basic client audience - the small and medium companies interested in expansion of geography of business. Already more than 700 domestic and foreign firms took advantage of our services, with many of them we support long-term partner relations.

Among our clients there are the large known companies:

Mosimpex " ( "")
The Russian Association of Franchising
Infogroup "Kompass"
Novosibirsk branch of "Vympelcom-R" (BeeLine GSM)
Open Society " Patra "
Open Society " Irbit Automodular Factory " (Ekaterinburg)
Open Society " Combine of Celebratory Faults " (Tolyatti)
Open Society " Cheboxary meat-packing plant "
Open Society " Samara tobacco factory "
Open Society " Tulespirt "
Open Society " Kondrovskaya Paper Company "
West-Siberian Venture Fund " Framlington" of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank
" Sun Interbrew " ( "Premieres", "Fat man")
"Twp-lage" GmbH (Germany)
" Doka Schalundstechnic " GmbH (Germany)
"Market-Visio" (Finland)
Factories of "Semey-Su" (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Directions of activity

  • Coordination of inter-regional and international information and marketing activity of the companies included in Association
  • Management of projects in the field of inter-regional and international marketing
  • Representation of interests of members of Association in bodies of legislative, executive and judicial authority, in relations with other commercial and noncommercial organizations.


  • Search and selection of trading and industrial partners in the Russian regions and abroad

  • Preparation of creation of regional marketing networks

  • Development of programs on promotion of the goods on the market

  • Retail audit – the analysis of a degree of presence and conditions of sales of goods - analogues

  • Media-audit - the analysis of marketing activity of competitors

  • Controlling of inter-regional trading agreements

  • Quantitative and not quantitative marketing researches

  • Creation for clients of WEB-representations in structure of the international information network of IMC Network in the Internet

Participants of Association

IMC "Almaty-Moscow" 480091, Almaty, Tole bi street, 45, ph. ( 3272 ) 61-14-53, 61-03-01,61-35-95, . 61-14-04, E-mail:, e-mail: in addition

IMC "Altai - Moscow" 656065, Barnaul, Komsomolsky prosp., 80, 2 floor, office 17, phone/fax: 24-22-07, -mail:

IMC "Arkhangelsk - Moscow" 163002, Arkhangelsk, Uritsky street, 1, 204 Ph. (8182 65-76-77, 64-23-27, E-mail:

IMC "Vladimir- Moscow" 600009, Vladimir, Usti on Laba street, 37, office 202-203, ph./fax (0922 23-34-72,25-36-17, E-mail:

IMC "Voronezh - Moscow" - Open Company " Company Reform " 394077, Voronezh, Moscow prosp., 97, ph. (0732 51-27-92,392284,392285, E-mail:

IMC "Ekaterinburg - Moscow" 620014, Ekaterinburg, March 8 street , 4, office 440, ph/fax (3432), 71-57-60, 71-78-02, 71-13-75,71-71-41, E-mail:

IMC "Ivanovo - Moscow" 153000, Ivanovo, Stepanov street, 16 ph. (0932) 41-85-10, 37-75-67,32-77-00, E-mail:;

IMC "Kazan - Moscow" 420015, Kazan, B.Krasnaya street, 55, office 229 Ph. (8432) 64-25-53, . (8432) 64-34-46 E-mail:

IMC "Kaluga - Moscow" 248001, Kaluga, Gagarin street, 4, office 414-4, ph. (0842) 72-15-77, E-mail:

IMC "Karelia - Moscow" 185003, Petrozavodsk, May Day street, 56, ph. (8142) 74-51-96, E-mail:

IMC "Kostroma - Moscow" 156000, Kostroma, Soviet street, 2-48, ph./fax (0942) 31-83-91, E-mail:

IMC "Krasnodar - Moscow" 350072, Krasnodar, Solar street, 10 ph. (8612) 52-05-40, ph./fax (8612) 52-05-30, E-mail:

IMC "Kurgan - Moscow" 640000, Kurgan, Soviet street, 155 ph./fax (3522) 57-97-97, E-mail:

IMC "Lipetsk - Moscow" 398600, Lipetsk, Municipal street, 9, office 202, ph./fax (0742) 77-07-35, E-mail:,

IMC "Mordovia - Moscow" 430016, Saransk, Botevgradskaya street, 89/10, ph./fax (834-2) 17-69-88,24-28-22,

IMC "Moscow" 115035, Moscow, Bolotnaya street, 12/3, office 501-507, ph. (095 234-53-89, fax 234-53-73*278, E-mail:

IMC "Novosibirsk - Moscow" - "DirectMEDIA" 630132, Novosibirsk, Cheluskintsev street, 36/1, office 317, ph./fax: (3832) 21-17-46, 21-45-33 E-mail:

IMC "Orenburg - Moscow" 460015, Orenburg, Gye street, 5, office 21,27 ph. (3532) 77-71-59,77-40-63;

IMC "Penza - Moscow" 440600, Penza, Pushkin street, 2, office 416, ph. (8412) 56-06-63,56-06-64, fax 56-06-65,;

IMC "Perm - Moscow" 614070, Perm, Gagarin bul., 28, ph. (3422) 48-89-72, fax (3422) 62-38-44, E-mail:

IMC "Samara - Moscow" - Group of companies " Avanta " 443081, Samara, Stara Zagora street, 27, office 213, ph./fax: (8462) 24-59-22, 24-06-64, E-mail:

IMC "Saratov - Moscow" - NIC "Miromark"" 410000, Saratov, Zarubin street, 150, office 305 ph./fax (8452) 27-41-83, E-mail:

IMC "Stavropolye-Moscow" 355000, Stavropol, Golenev street, 73, office 415, ph. (8652) 94-02-45, 94-10-18, E-mail:

IMC "Tashkent - Moscow" - company " Favorit Inform " 700043, Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, street of Friendship of Peoples, 15, ph: (998) 71 173-28-71,28-87,28-86, fax (998) 71 173-28-70, E-mail:

IMC "Udmurtiya - Moscow" 426008, Izhevsk, Pushkinskaya street, 270 ph. (3412) 43-17-05, ph/fax (3412) 43-01-48, E-mail:;

IMC "Chelyabinsk - Moscow" 454080, Chelyabinsk, Lenin street, 81, office 707, ph./fax (3512) 64-22-81, ph./fax 65-77-42, E-mail:

IMC "Yaroslavl - Moscow" - Agency " RADOX " 150001, Yaroslavl, Yamskaya street, 93, ph. 8-902-662-05-90, 8-910-970-81-67, E-mail:

Our partners abroad

" MarketOption, Inc. " (USA)
" M. Göthel - Projekte in Osteuropa " (Germany)
" Internatoinal Business Operations Oy " (Finland)
" Finest S.p.a. " (Italy)

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