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Tools of Internet - marketing for promotion of production on the regional markets

Tools of Internet - marketing for promotion of production on the regional markets

Igor Mihajlov

The IMC Network

At the huge sizes of the Russian territory and at all not sparing tariffs for telecommunication, Internet - technologies get special appeal thanking both comparative cheapness of transfer of the information, and the much greater universality and interactivity. Last circumstance does(makes) the Internet by the exclusive environment of marketing communications for inter-regional marketing. In article evolution of an information network of the IMC Network from a virtual corporate network of data transmission to the open portal structure rendering specific marketing services in on-line is considered(examined).

The Russian territory develops from very different and the regions sometimes rather distant from each other. Development of the free market in such territory collides(faces), in addition, with problems of only information property: how to get fast access to the operative market information, how effectively to organize management of the distant business - units, how to inform about production to potential consumers in other regions.

In my opinion, advantages of Internet - technologies in a context of the Russian business are appreciated yet up to the end. On the party(side) of a global network - its(her) such features, as relative cheapness of transfer of unit of the information on as much as big distance, interactivity, intuitive clearness Ñí-interfaces, low requirements to клиентскому to the equipment and ON, comparative simplicity and cheapness of development, глобальность standards and access to resources, for the present low « a threshold of entry » in electronic business. But, despite of all this, and also numerous projects in sphere of " the business Internet », the global network is for the present very far from becoming the business - standard at us. This is interfered by low sales volumes of personal computers, bad physical data links, absence of the effective and protected electronic payment systems, the out-of-date legislation. In such conditions viable there are only the projects created within the framework of long-term investments with calculation on a gain of an acceptable share of the market and achievement of a recoupment in the future. However some of these projects are capable to render the real feasible help to becoming business already now. One them them – web-portal Marketcenter. Ru leaning(basing) on an information network (IS) of an Inter-Regional Marketing Centres Network (IMC).

The IMC Network was conceived as, first of all, marketing and commercial, and then already, as required, an information network. However during adjustment of joint profile activity of the centres which are taking place in various regions, has become mutual information support obvious necessity which would consist in maintenance of operative access of all participants of System to the information file which has been saved up by any of participants. This necessity has caused need(requirement) for unification of standards. So we came to idea of territorially distributed(allocated) complex of databases in which basis the objective triad « the goods – the offer – the enterprise » lays.

Attempts to use already available DB of the enterprises and the organizations have found out difficulties of a double sort: the DB of commercial manufacturers are protected by the right of the intellectual property which his(its) owners at all do not want to share, and resources of the state and municipal administrative structures, as a rule, contain a lot of the irrelevant information, are realized on the basis of out-of-date technologies, but thus are frequently considered(examined) by their owners as a commercial product. So we came to necessity of creation of an own DB of the enterprises.

The nucleus of information resources of the IMC Network is primary amounted to a database « the Enterprises and the organizations », "Offers" and « the Catalogue of the goods and services », the data in which are mutually coordinated at a level of separate records. It means, that, studying the goods and the services submitted in "Catalogue", you always have near at hand convenient means of viewing of the data on the enterprise - supplier of given production and the conditions of its(her) delivery expressed in the offer of this enterprise. At the same time, you can begin navigation with any other item(point), – for example, from a DB "Offers" or "Enterprises" - and at you the opportunity of fast viewing of the information in the "next" DB connected to the current object will be kept always.

Having developed this concept of information "storehouse", we have faced with a problem of delivery of the data up to consumers what, participants of System first of all are, and in the second – their clients. There was a problem of a choice: calculation on possible wider audience demanded use of tools of a low technological level (printed editions, facsimile communications etc.), Whereas problems(tasks) of maintenance of the maximal efficiency of access and convenient means of information search – that is necessary, when you work as an extensive marketing and - or дилинго-marketing network – could be solved only on the basis of high technologies. The organizational infrastructure of System which unites the "physical" offices of an IMC located in administrative centres of regions has helped. It was solved, delivering the information to clients on places with use of all possible ways, including a usual mail and a fax to organize an information exchange between participants of the Network on the basis of high technologies. So the idea of territorially distributed(allocated) computer network has appeared.

As the transport environment of an information network (IS) of the IMC Network the global network the Internet which shows the minimal specific cost of delivery and processing of the information and besides relieves the operator of the allocated virtual network of necessity to contain the own or rented physical channels from the very beginning was selected. The IS was realized on the basis of a combination the Internet and интранет-technologies, i.e. the central server represents the high-grade web-presence round the clock accessible through the Internet, and the information unit of a local IMC is, as a rule, a интранет-server (Ñí-server accessible from a local network). On the central and regional servers of an IS the identical program complexes allowing a message of a database in uniform standards are established.

* * *

The described circuit basically was realized by the end of 1998, simultaneously with establishment of an IMC more than in half of subjects of the Russian Federation. Then the first centres abroad began to appear. An IS of the IMC Network well served internal information needs(requirements) of holding, facilitating delivery of the operative commercial information in the distant centres. Simultaneously there came comprehension of impossibility to achieve self-support of the information project only due to rendering information services to external clients.

So we have defined and have put to ourselves a problem(task) to finish a portal in view of marketing potential of a global network. The following table shows comparative opportunities of the Internet as environments(Wednesdays) for marketing communications.

Advertising environments Informing Communications Интеракция
Press + --
TV, radio + - + (?)
The Internet + +  

From it(her) it is obvious, that the Network considerably surpasses in the opportunities traditional медиа. Now we shall look, what problems(tasks) can be solved by means of simple information influence on the potential consumer, achievement of a feedback (communications) and uses of mechanisms of active interaction with it(him) (интеракция).

The purposes Informing Communications Интеракция
Promotion бренда + --
Estimation of needs(requirements) -+ -
Attachment of clients + + +

From this table it becomes clear, that the Internet remains practically unique environment of marketing communications, using which potential it is possible to solve a problem(task) of achievement of loyalty of clients, their "attachments" to the company or брэнду.

Now we shall distribute(allocate) on the functions chosen us the most widespread Internet - services. We receive some kind of "matrix" of the typical Internet - resource focused on promotion of production / of services by diverse and complex interaction with (potential) consumer.

  Communications Интеракция
HTML (ASP etc) pages E-mail-Orders in on-line
NewsGuest books Auctions
Dispatches Forums Shops
 Interrogations Systems of payments

It is obvious, that we have received the контент-circuit of a standard web-portal of the enterprise / the organizations, "adjusted" on interaction with the client. Thus present-day technologies allow to create a similar complex of Internet - services for each registered user of some мета-portal as his(its) own « working space » in a global network.

During designing the new decision there was a metaphor of "office" where there are рецепция, racks with promotional materials, the affable secretary, a communication facility and dialogue, trunk-call rooms. All this to services of visitors and clients.

But at office is also the employees connected by system of a subordination, commissions - reports, internal document circulation. Differently, the office is traditionally divided(shared) into the open and closed parts.

So the idea of " virtual office » (VO) which tenant receives in the order certain « a virtual working table » behind which it(he) can create documents and resources of two types was generated: designed for internal document circulation and intended for the external publication. The second type of the information forms Ñí-representation or a public part of a corporate portal of firm – the tenant of a VO. From all of the known conditional - free-of-charge services, allowing to create sites in an online our decision differs, first, the raised(increased) interactivity – an opportunity to add to simple texts forums, chats, dispatches, catalogues of the goods etc. – and second, an accessory to business - club of portal Marketcenter. Ru having defined reputation where absence of the neighbourhood with representation of your business of advertising of the defined sort of leisure is guaranteed, эскорт-services and other signs « free интернет-соообществ ».

The system of internal document circulation is defined(determined) внутрикорпоративной by hierarchy of the customer (tenant). There is a folder of the Director of the enterprise where there are reports of Directors of projects, and whence him(it) commissions act. The same relations exist between паками Directors of projects and folders of employees. « The virtual secretary » reminds of the delayed commissions and the received messages, and also the raw orders for services - ‘ popup ’-окошко, opening at authorization in system.

It is necessary to define a segment (Ù) potential such consumers of интернет-services and to make correct positioning the new decision in the market. For the beginning we shall agree with obvious – our customer (on service « the Virtual office ») hardly will be large corporation as in its(her) forces to create a "correct" corporate portal in the territory and to support it(him) extremely due to own resources. It is not necessary to wait at itself as well absolutely small and микро the business delivering the goods and services to inhabitants of the next streets. By process of elimination we come to a conclusion that our potential customer should be the enterprise which:

  • Expects growth of sales
  • Finds buyers outside the regional market
  • Has branches or branches in other regions, or significant number "разъездных" managers concerning total of employees
  • Starts to use high technologies or sees an opportunity of decrease(reduction) of operational costs due to their use
  • Reasonably approaches to charges. If such enterprise plans to do without « high technologies » it is necessary to it(him):
  • To unit and unify document circulation in central and the distant offices
  • To reorganize office-work, to watch(keep up) duly replacement of out-of-date versions of documents at all offices of the company
  • To create as a minimum one established post for the control of performance of commissions employees of the distant offices
  • Repeatedly to send the corrected documents by fax or e-mail.
There is no sense to discuss here cost of all these actions for the company – at least, from the beginning of this article follows, that it is necessary to address for economy to technologies of a global network.

The most obvious way to make this system of activity and an expense for it(her) more rational consists in creation of the own интернет-decision. However rough calculation of his(its) cost gives the following:

  • Floor price of interactively edited web-presence - $ 500.
  • Floor price of local system of electronic document circulation - $ 1700.
  • Medium term of an obsolescence of that and another (replacement of design, апгрейд ON) – 2 years.
  • Total annual charges - $ 1100
Cost of annual rent of " virtual office » - $ 200 (!). This circumstance does(makes) by a VO by the optimum decision for the growing small and medium companies.

Process of creation of a VO begins with filling and the publication on Marketcenter. Ru the "card" of the enterprise consisting of a standard data set. The publication of "card" - service absolutely free-of-charge if to stop at this stage. But filling a card can order in the manager his(its) registration of " virtual office » and then, after settlement of the commercial relations, the published information becomes one of pages of a corporate portal of the customer. Got administrative access in « a virtual study », the customer can not only publish any information in an open part of the portal but also change color scale of the Ñí-pages, an arrangement of information blocks, to add new services and in general to do(make) all that his(its) portal changed for the better on eyes of users, veins sanguineous life and helped in business.

I should note, that the ideology of " virtual offices » goes « in a leg » with modern lines in development техник an information exchange. Uncertain "place" (англ is more and more washed away become already traditional concept of a web-presence as some. 'site') in a web, determined only the unique address. We are witnesses of displacement of accents(stresses) from "site" or an accessory of resources to their consumer value following from the maintenance(contents), from offered services. The term "Ñí-service" (web services), due to efforts Microsoft, Sun, SAP and Oracle, has got new value and sounding. These corporations, partly in parallel, partly in common, have offered a complex of standardized technologies due to which in the near future on change "simply" to a web (web) there should come a "semantic" web. A difference basic: If earlier (and till now) the machines closed in the Network dealed "simply" with documents which maintenance(contents) could be clear only to the person the offered technologies enable machines to be guided in the maintenance(contents) of transmitted pages. In a combination to much more advanced opportunities of identification of users, these technologies allow the person to come in the Network "not simply" in information search, but behind more complex(difficult) and complex services.

At a level of the enterprises of a consequence of introduction "Ñí-services" are even more interesting. Apparently, the mistake of b2b-portals and trading platforms in интернете was, that they offered services in search of new partners, is artificial strengthening a competition while the enterprises want to work with existing partners, only is more effective. The technology "Ñí-services" enables corporate information networks of the various enterprises to cooperate not only directly, but at a level of separate appendices. It means, that if earlier the corporate network of the enterprise was separated from the Internet by impenetrable border into new epoch of the enterprise mutually can penetrate each other the computer networks, deciding(solving) business - problems and leaving safety issues on "conscience" of new technologies. The Internet ceases to be « a zone of danger » for business, having remained maximum friendly means of delivery of the new services creating new cost.

I can not brag, that we already own a complex of the technologies underlying web services. But ideologically « virtual offices » are step towards to the new standard. When and if last becomes conventional, only insignificant program completions will be necessary for our portal "enter" him(it), but not cardinal business - реинжиниринг.

One more immediate prospects of development Marketcenter. Ru are an introduction of marketing technologies 'opt-in' (or « marketing on inquiry »), that looks quite natural as (1) professional work with a portal demands registration, (2) at registration users specify the substantial preferences, choosing them from the thematic rubricator and (3) on a portal there are the diversified of a subscription: on post dispatches on subjects, on commercial announcements, on reviews of the markets etc. Shortly at users the choice will appear: to order transfer necessary for them контента by mail (as well as any decent portal, Marketcenter. Ru offers the users free-of-charge letter boxes), or to choose delivery of it(him) directly in « a virtual study ». Thus the tenant of a VO can act in two persons: As the recipient of the requested information which should help it(him) with management of business or as the supplier of such information for others, pursuing the purpose of promotion of business. In the latter case access to the qualitative and prepared audience which waits for that information which it(he) is capable to offer is given it(him).

Portal Marketcenter. Ru is the developing organism susceptible both to new marketing strategy, and to last information technologies. Both those, and others are used with one strategic purpose – for overcoming physical distances and economic barriers in an exchange of the goods and services between regions of Russia, administrative units of the countries of the CIS and provinces of the states outside Commonwealth.


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