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Whether your money in Internet lay? (a part II)

Whether your money in Internet lay? (a part II)

Igor Mihajlov

The creative plans declared in last publication were pleasantly corrected by the numerous December actions incorporated by a theme of electronic commerce and in general of business in the Internet. At least, two conferences were organized PricewaterhouseCoopers, one - by Association of documentary telecommunication. And, at last, 15 - regular conference " Internet - marketing ' 99 " (the organizer - the Centre of information technologies) which last visiting has given the author of these lines a material on the whole series of clauses(articles) December, 17 was held. Risknu to assume, that so organized one-way traffic means two things. The first: the theme of on-line business becomes " a hit of a season ". The second: this market any more does not wait for arrival of " the big investors " - they here. Some of them have already made the purchases, but their partners are silent up to pory, connected NDA. Others look back in search of projects which will seem to them effective. Warming up of the market begins …

But, first of all, it is necessary to understand with terms. In last clause(article) I used " electronic business " and " electronic commerce " as synonyms. Actually, it not absolutely so. PricewaterhouseCoopers and Hewlett-Packard agree that these concepts are included in more general(common) - " electronic service " (e-services), uniting all file of the paid services rendered through the Network. Thus if electronic commerce includes all forms of on-line sales electronic business covers a complete chain " additions of cost " from the supplier to the consumer. Division of concepts about which we spoke earlier - business-to-business and business-to-consumer - coincides with it only partly and, actually, has other basis: speaking Russian, work with "legal person" or "private trager".

Electronic business assumes transferring to the Network of complete business - process: with bek-office, system of payments and system of interaction with suppliers / dealers. If you can build on simple Internet - shop above existing off-lajnovym business (a warehouse, a delivery service, accounts department, and physical shop) and to begin, thus, participant of electronic commerce e-business is that stage of development which should allow you and to your consumer to make all business - operations, not leaving from the Network. So, company Toyota virtually offers visitors of the site "to complete" the automobile, on the spot to make the order and to pay it(him). The example with Cisco Systems, that refers to, wanders from the report to the report, from the publication to the publication. The company which has become famous for the network equipment of own manufacture, not only has refused a trading superstructure as it was made by others "brendy" - for example, Compaq and Hewlett-Packard. On "autsorsing" production functions, and many other things were transferred(handed) also. Behind the company there was only a trade mark, marketing, a feedback with consumers during development of technical design of models and management of a network of partners and dealers. It is easy to guess, that the most part of these problems(tasks) Cisco Systems solves by means of the site. The revolution of a site Http:// makes $ 3,3 billion, or more than 80 % from volume of the orders received by the company. At all not having exact figures, it is possible to assume, on how many orders all this reduces its(her) expenses.

Transition to a stage of electronic service assumes the further reorganization of a business - environment. If electronic business nevertheless means sale of the goods or services from the certain company EO it is carried out by forces integrated pula suppliers. So, the order of round in on-line (travel booking) assumes participation in uniform electronic system of processing of orders and payments of airlines, hotels, firms "rent-a-car" etc.

Ideas are clear. Prospects are clear partly, with the account of constantly decreasing cost of "iron" and program development. We on a threshold of that day when to do(make) business in the Internet begins obviously more favourably, than outside of it(him). And still today of electronic business of us pleases not in such degree, as forecasts.

Yes, the world already trades through a global network. The revolution of electronic commerce in leaving year is estimated in $ 95 billion Share of Russia makes here less than 0,05 %, and she(it) is distributed(allocated) as follows: on sector business-to-business it is necessary $ 40 million whereas trade with the end user "turns" only $ 1млн. 22 % of users the Internet would like to introduce systems of electronic commerce at the enterprises. As obstacles the following refers to: absence of decisions of a management(manual) (9 %), absence of money (6 %, for small enterprises this value makes 4 % (!)), absence of need(requirement) (17 %, small enterprises - 31 %), an inefficiency (3 %, MT - 6 %) (data Algorithm Group). Figures are paradoxical: small business, which heavy share else waits for the Nekrasova, does not go in e-business not from bezdenezh'ja (or, at least, does not admit this reason), and from absence of economic motivation. Interpretation which lays on a surface, concerns all same 1,9 million (by optimistic estimations ROTSIT) users of the Russian part of the Network. Taking into account, that 36 million person would like to become users the Internet, becomes clear, that in our country market ISP whereas it is clear "has not ripened" even, that electronic advertising and electronic commerce will earn in full force, only when “ the boom of connection ” will be behind. Some experts consider, that we still should become witnesses of deep structural shifts in sector of sale of access.

There are attempts to approach to definition of a nature of electronic business, making a start from such phenomenon, as ERP. In this circuit the Internet is secondary - both logically, and historically. First - in the West - ERP-systems were introduced, the methodology (but not technology) which remains constant to this day. Absence of a global network was compensated by systems of electronic document circulation (EDI), connecting the removed offices of one company or even several companies - partners. Thus, the logic which is realized in modern electronic business on a veb-basis, is already generated on the basis of technologies of previous generation. Coming World Wide Web has transformed ERP in "intranet", and EDI - in "ekstranet" the enterprises, but processes within the framework of the company and between the nearest partners are already enough standardized, formalized and documentary. It is possible to tell, that in this area there are traditions and the culture. Technological unity of an internal and external network of the enterprise - the ideal environment for "internetizatsii" business which is structurally available to this.

The Internet in Russia … is to be told: more, than the Internet, but, unfortunately, is impossible. Absence of business traditions and business - cultures is imposed on considerably shorter technological history. The Internet as though “ falls from the sky ” (from his(its) western part), and feverish conversations about electronic business on a background of the Asian wildness(absurdity) of business off-lajnovogo begin. It rather reminds the Soviet history: under theory Marksa left, that the socialism should come as consequence(investigation) of limiting bourgeois industrialization, and we all over again do(make) a socialist revolution, and then vymuchivaem “ socialist industrialization ”. Now we do not know, that with all it to do(make) … But it, really, other history. Though too about the conflict of the form and the maintenance(contents).

But what it we again run into cosmopolitism? You see I have overlooked to name one more figure from worthy trust of data PricewaterhouseCoopers: only 7 % of business - sites in USA have communication(connection) with bek-office of the company. Thus, even in the advanced part of a planet development of electronic business carries while "ochagovyj" character. Expenses of various branches on IT are distributed(allocated) as follows: the financial companies spend for it of 7,17 % of the revolution, telecommunication - 6 %, media - 4 %, and the medicine closes the four generous …. As if to traditional subjects of Internet - commerce - books and compact discs, - under some forecasts, in the near future they will give up the place the leader on-line-продаж to the industry of travel.

Nevertheless, the majority of experts converge that e-business as the phenomenon is useful first of all the ability to reduce expenses of the companies, especially unproductive. Now speak about e-procurement (the reader, probably, already silently hates the author, but the author is not guilty) - electronic supply much. As all of us understand, it is a version business-to-business. So, according to statements of experts Compaq Computers, electronic supply of the enterprises by computing, office engineering and the account materials connected to it(her) considerably allows the corporate consumer to lower expenses for repair, service and operation due to centralization, automation and optimization of purchases.

So, the interesting picture is built ambiguous, but. Electronic business as branch while stays in a state of bliss embriona, slowly creeping out of a nutritious broth of strategic investments. Who is not enough precisely knows, that this such, it is even less than subjects of business sphere are morally ready to invest there own actives, but everyone participate in discussion and build forecasts. By the way, under forecast Gartner Group, in 2001 15-30 % of the companies essentially can lower the competitiveness because of underestimation of electronic business, and by the end of year for 5 % of the companies such short-sightedness can turn back full svorachivaniem the affair.

One of the western authors it is witty has compared attitudes(relations) of businessmen and the Internet with … teenage sex: “ Actually the few are engaged in it and worse than ever ”. Now we know, that at us remained two years to mature.

The dictionary of the used terms

Non-disclosure agreement (angl). - the pact about nondisclosure.

Outsourcing (angl). - transfer of one or several components of business - process on execution(performance) to other person.

Enterprise Resource Planning - the automated control systems of the enterprise.

Intranet and Extranet - accordingly, an internal network of the enterprise and the external territorially distributed(allocated) corporate network using protected reports. Both that, and another are realized on veb-technologies and have sluices in the Internet.

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