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Whether your money in Internet lay? (part I)

Whether your money in Internet lay? (part I)

Igor Mihajlov

The answer to this question in many respects depends from "off-lajnovoj", vnesetevoj lifes of the reader. There is no doubt, there are trades and branches of business which representatives feel themselves far from a computer better, and conscience of the author concerning them is quiet, because they hardly will read clause(article) further heading. I address to the message that whom the idea of merge of business with a global computer network will not leave indifferent, whose intuition of the businessman will prompt a possible(probable) direction of idea, and then and action.

It is easy to guess, what in the Network roughly grows and the literary genre, which motto - " How to earn in the Internet develops? " . It is possible to familiarize with his(its) numerous samples, having set to any Russian-speaking search machine this rhetorical question, or having entered a key word "moneys" (his(its) grammatic ugliness is caused by corporate spirit of every possible "crackers"; them "filez" and "warez" - firm style valiant ljuda a virtual empire). Pojdja on opened as a result of improvement of inquiry to tracks, you will find set of the documents describing ways easy, though also small earnings where necessarily will "white" и "black" lists of sponsors, advice(councils) as them to deceive, and others izyski. In brief the essence of an affair consists in the following. If you are an owner of a veb-resource, you should be registered on a site of the sponsor and then to place with yourselves the advertising banner offered to him(it). For everyone user cliques on this banner the sponsor promises you of 0,2 $ - 0,9 $. When the sum earned thus by you will reach(achieve) 50 $ - 100 $, you receive by mail a banker's check. Further to you it is necessary essentially to expand the outlook, studying his(its) opportunities obnalichivanija and growing cold from interests, which banks take for this service.

Other variant is possible(probable). Recently in a Russian-speaking Network frequently it is necessary to meet the innovative offer nekoej the American company. To you, besides, offer to be registered, receive identification number and … to wait for month 3-4. After the expiration of this term to you promise to send the small program - the appendix to your browser. Action of her(it) consists in the following: while you are in the Internet, in the bottom part of your screen openly small additional window in which to you show all same advertising banners. For each business hour of this program in on-line to you is due 0,5 $. As it is witty one of adherents of the new initiative if in traditional MASS-MEDIA money of the advertizer are distributed(allocated) among enormous staff(state) of the information companies here they act to the direct consumer of advertising in what a certain maximum(supreme) validity is shown has noticed. Moreover, to you promise on 0,1 $ for each participant of the program registered through you, and on 0,05 $ for everyone involved with those whom you have hired. Thus, it is available elements of a pyramid and " network marketing " with only one difference - from you do not demand money.

It would seem why to not play on such conditions? What dangers wait on both directions? In the first case more all is probable maloprijatnaja a meeting with the "black" secondhand dealer of service. Somebody is registered at the initial sponsor, and then creates the own veb-page containing the promise of payment klikov. If you come across on this fishing tackle, you simply help the resourceful veb-master to earn on the banners placed on your pages then his(its) site imperceptibly disappears and a bit later appears to other IP-address in slightly changed kind. In the second case of seen dangers it is not observed almost, except for two. The first: the company it is banal it is dissolved, having overlooked to pay. The second: you appear in the basis of a pyramid, in what case your incomes will aspire to a minimum. Disappointment on zrja spent time and own trustfulness - the maximal measure of failure of such attempts.

Whether to try these ways? (as well as own experience) I have no unequivocal answer. Most likely, so: if you basically are inclined to respond to announcements such as " Highly paid work for initiative people " why and is not present? I do not call under such announcements.

As to serious business in the Internet, I would allocate three basic directions: electronic commerce, an advertising platform and search of the investor.

Electronic commerce (e-business)

PriceWaterhouseCoopers predicts growth of volume of the world market of professional services in sphere of electronic commerce the nearest 3 years more, than twice: about 87,58 billion this year up to 181,79 billion in 2002. In the Russian segment the Internet (so-called. Runete) this parameter in 1998 has reached(achieved) only 12-14 million and hardly has essentially grown to the present moment (the exact analysis is complicated because of all of known specificity of domestic financial sphere). Growth of electronic commerce in Russia restrains, in particular, two factors: actual absence of electronic payment systems and a collapse(landslide) of the market of the personal computer as a result of crisis of 1998. However the same circumstances specify presence of an enormous backlog demand that allows to speak about perspectivity of investments in this sphere.

Electronic commerce, in turn, includes as creation of electronic shops, and that refers to "business-to-business".

Electronic shop - very fashionable now a theme in Runete. Fund Eurasia even gives grants under the appropriate projects (too, by the way, a quite good way to receive the starting capital). As pastime in the Network is described by a metaphor of "circulation" more often, we shall imagine also, that in electronic shop it is possible "to go", as well as in the most usual. Having got (on advertising) on the appropriate site, you " open a door " - press button " Enter " or its(her) analogue. Here pred as you all riches of the offered goods as the electronic catalogue appear. Under this catalogue you travel with the " a virtual basket " which have received at an input(entrance) (i.e., having registered). You mark liked goods a mousy, and at each your transition in the following section the marked items(points) remain in your basket, cheerfully informing you about the increasing sum of forthcoming payment. However, if at you the mood starts to spoil, you always can exclude something from a basket. On an output(exit) you make the final decision and press the appropriate button. After that your order is formed, shorthanded, and to you inform rules of payment. After settling last formalities you need to wait for visit of the courier or the post notice.

Speak, all over the world so reserve hotels and insure property, taxes pay, buy tickets aboard the plane and on a concert, books, compact discs, flowers, a pizza, christmas indeek and the God knows that else. At us " especial to begin ", therefore I shall tell a case from my life. I have come across a site trading in compact discs, and among offers have found out something from early David Boui, that for a long time wanted to have. The price was slightly higher srednerynochnoj, but curiosity has forced me to put the goods in a basket and to enter contractual attitudes(relations) with the unknown supplier. From offered forms of payment I, naturally, have chosen "cash on delivery", and from ways of delivery - the courier. After that within three months I periodically received messages with expression of gratitude to me that I have taken advantage of their service, and assurances that my order is processed vnimatel'nejshim by image. Eventually, peredo me have apologized that the goods ordered by me did not appear in a warehouse, and have offered one of three options: а) to change the order, б) to declare desire to wait executions(performances) of this order and в) to cancel the order. Last variant demanded only to not answer this letter, therefore I have chosen it(him). Also I do not regret, as has soon come across on zloschastnyj an album in quite tangible physical shop on appreciable to more favourable price. Someone then spoke me, that the site has stopped existence.

Can seem, that I seju scepticism concerning electronic shops, but it not so. I think, that behind them the future of domestic trade. Even because on 5/6 terrestrial surfaces it already present.

Therefore, if you are declined to opening own electronic shop before to choose technology of his(its) execution(performance), the contractor and a place of accommodation, in my opinion, it would be useful to give yourselves answers to the following questions.

Whether you are sure, what your goods or service will find the consumer among a specific audience the Internet?

How you are going to receive money from buyers in conditions when the rare bird to the east from Dnepr can brag of a credit card and trade for cash where spodruchnee from a tray on any "Gorbushke"?

How you are going to organize delivery of the goods, is especial if the buyer not your fellow countryman?

As you understand, all this demands good marketing and steadfast studying of experience of the companies successfully trading in the Internet. The God will give, sometime I shall write and about it.

Everything, as to electronic commerce "business-to-business", also while remains basically an overseas wonder. The question is settling by means of the Network of commodity-money attitudes(relations) between " legal persons ". A problem(task), in something easier, than electronic shop, but in something and more complex(difficult). So, for example, to a problem of monetary transactions the problem of " safety of access " to the business information, and easier speaking - enciphering of the data here is added. Under the existing legislation, you can not use cryptographic means without license FAPSI and that her(it) to receive, you, certainly, anyhow should open him(it) a key. And it is necessary to you, that someone keeps abreast of how, for example, you build the attitudes(relations) with each of your dealers?

In a word, in Russia all is ready to rough growth and blossoming of electronic commerce. And all this is held, as soon as our legislators will solve two problems: public use of cryptographic means and de jure recognition of the electronic signature.

For now, dear reader, to you as to the businessman is necessary to solve: whether does not cost just in case, on the future to invest something in new branch. If it is possible so to say to take a place under not yet vzoshedshim the sun. You see we with you reasonable people also understand, that when the boom already becomes a reality, your costs in new business on the order will be higher.

In the following releases I plan to discuss creation of advertising platforms in the Internet and search of investors. Come on our site (, will gather many Russian regions interesting and useful from business life.

The dictionary of the used terms

Banner (angl. banner – "banner") – the image, as a rule, animirovannoe and placed on veb-pages with the purpose to involve the user to other resource.

Browser (from angl. to browse – "to thumb through") – the program - prosmotrshchik of veb-pages.

Veb - (synonyms: World Wide Web, WWW, web) – “ Everywhere stretched web ”. The standard designation of the most popular service in the Internet. This Wednesday the user can move from one resource to another, clicking "mouse" on specially marked fragments of the current document (hyperreferences).

The Veb-master (angl. Web Master) – the expert owning language of hypertext sectoring (HTML), necessary for creation of documents in www.

Cliques (angl. click) – click by the button of the manipulator such as "mouse". Cliques on advertising object in the Network (for example, a banner) results in loading page with the description of a promoted product. The quantity(amount) user klikov is usually registered and used for an estimation of efficiency of an advertising campaign.

The search machine (search engine) – the special site automatically conducting the indexation of resources the Internet and creating a database of addresses of documents. It is used for search of documents in the Network on key words and other criteria. The catalogue of Internet - resources differs from the search machine that is made purposefully and offers substantial summaries to each registered resource.

Site (angl. site – "site") – a separate complete resource in WWW, determined by the one address and, as a rule, one owner (veb-author). If the Internet to compare to library the site is an analogue of the book.

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