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Internet-business: "after rain"

Igor Mihajlov

Internet - business: « after a rain »

Have finished ringing songs of ours a shelf...

Damask steel Окуджава

This material we continue a series of articles, whether begun once a "multiseries" material « your money in the Internet » and interrupted by drama events around of the Network, first of all a repeated collapse(landslide) of actions(shares) hi-tech-компаний Lay. Since then much has changed. The Internet has ceased to be perceived as something like mighty джинна, issued of a bottle American ВПК, having become habitual and even little bit disappointing phenomenon. Even a word, at last, began to decline and write from the small letter. But events of two last years involuntarily inspire hopes for certain new prospects, maybe, less "magic", but from it not less interesting.


Right after « crisis интернета » 2000 tone of the majority of comments in domestic press was such: the soap bubble sinking hi-tech has bursted will pull behind itself "old" American economy, not all this will be reflected by the best image in Russia, and in general – we warned you.

Optimists expressed similarly to heroes of old film "Айболит-66": « It even is good, that while to us it is bad ». The business constructed on overestimated expectations has failed, they spoke, and on exchange quotations, is artificial разогретых the interested players. So, there comes time of the real projects constructed on real business - models, and an estimation of them henceforth and присно will be under construction not on mythical "traffic", and at all on expected capitalization, and on strictly proved « incomes of the future periods ». The main key to heart of the investor again becomes old kind cash flow.

However we shall look narrowly at a situation more closely(attentively), as always, to see true in the middle. The collapse(landslide) – the phenomenon basically American, also speaks it, in my opinion, specificity of the American market of investments. Our lacks, as is known, - continuation of our advantages. It was much spoken about an openness of this market, that the lion's share of " free money » passes through the advanced mechanisms of public accommodation (share funds, IPO), and that thus the national economy manages to use all investment resources – from "stockings" пенсионерок up to unallotted profit ТНК – with peak efficiency. But agree, such openness and does(makes) the market vulnerable before #top. The full analogy to political process takes place: the демократичнее process of election of the president, the the greater value have his(its) advantages essential to housewives.

Whales of the international IT-business it have very well understood also all period of 1998-99 years have devoted to massed processing of a public opinion. "Mythology" of new economy – all these B2B, B2C, G2B, and also a full character set with participation English "e" at this particular time was intensively formed: e-commerce, e-procurement, e-consulting and so on, and so on. The miss(passing) in fine tomorrow (and, hence, and on a stock exchange) has become reference of to a category "pillbox - whom". Even in Moscow on all PR-actions badly disguised under seminars, as an obligatory dish the citation that to 20хх to year any business or will be in the Internet moved, or will not be in general. The author of the citation – the second person in the international IT-corporation from the first three.

And the wheel has become to be untwisted. Investors, начитавшись citations, wanted « more pillbox - комов », their brokers, being conformed to desires of clients, created conditions for growth of quotations of the appropriate actions(shares) that then, fairly having calculated profitableness, to convince less advanced clients with figures of hands. In consciousness of the mass participant of the market the expectations connected to profits, gradually began to be replaced by the expectations connected to growth of capitalization. The elementary and up to a pain to us with you the familiar formula: IT should be bought today because tomorrow for it will give much more. Whether and so the subtleties distinguishing a history of shine and poverty интернета from ingenious construction of Mr. Mavrodi are important?

I think, that for all time of this carnival the largest IT-corporations managed to collect money to own development and realization of new projects. Again created интернет-брэнды, apparently, have disposed of the incomes not so reasonably to what the sad statistics of bankruptcies and dismissals in sector of " new economy » testifies.

But it « a landscape after fight » at our antipodes. What at us? If to speak about the events which have received a wide public resonance, it, perhaps, only merge netBridge with Port. Ru, accompanied with "mass" dismissals in quantity(amount) "already" 76 person. Give thus we shall note, that the question is the companies which have not simply received the American investments, but arisen due to them and for the sake of their development (to netBridge it concerns even in the greater degree). « Яндекс », as is known, has received the American money, already having become the appreciable phenomenon in Рунете, and I do not know about any shocks in his(its) bowels. РБК to some extent was compelled to re-structure затратную a part of the business, but it is normal reaction to fluctuations of the market. As it is paradoxical, but absence of the open market of investments does(makes) mainly Russian (on structure of the capital) the интернет-companies more protected from crisis in comparison with the American colleagues. There are no the objective indicators testifying to decline – there is no also negative public resonance, inhabitants do not lose money to a stock exchange – the companies do not suffer(bear) losses from decrease(reduction) of capitalization. « If you do not have dog … »

One more tendency of left year – partial or full перепрофилирование the former интернет-companies on оффлайновые development. The fifth Russian интернет-forum (REEF - 2001) has passed in an atmosphere of #(2)

In press and in advertising services in system integration, construction of corporate information systems (PUSSYCATS) again began to be discussed. Experts "have returned" to announcements рекрутинговых agencies on, apparently, for a long time forgotten #(3) and #(4) systems.

The beginning to be made an impression, that everything, than интернет will become history, are special programming languages and sectoring of documents, and also the special network report of data exchange, and all this economically is more effective to use in local systems. « The New information environment » and, especially, « new economy » were not held yet.


Results of the first quarter of the current year allow to recognize some attributes of restoration of "health" after crisis. Types of conducting players were replaced with a интернет-field: if during boom it there were investors and "commands("teams") (beginning(starting) companies or the collectives selling realization of the ideas for investment money) now it is the former интернет-companies which have replaced a structure on development and consulting, and their corporate clients realizing own ideas (b2b-and b2c-portals, trading platforms, медийные projects). Naturally, the money "lifted" now in this branch, not so such "easy", and not so it is a lot of them; in summary conducting tendency in интернет-sector becomes merge and absorption of the companies, consolidation of capitals and resources.

Most brightly these tendencies were showed on #(5) finished recently #(5). As well as on the very first REEVES, on action of this year the largest international corporations – developers of hardware-software platforms and appendices of a level of the enterprise dominated: IBM, Sun and Intel (participation Microsoft in this year was considerably less appreciable).

The subjects of plenary reports, секций and round tables has again become more "technological" - in comparison with a last year's forum where the themes connected to substantial filling of the Network and methods of promotion of контент-projects all the same dominated. Have again started gleaming « the distributed(allocated) calculations », « широкоплосный access » etc. At the same time, « the novelty of a season » has appeared: the subjects connected to mobile access – when terminal devices for интернета become any more computers, and mobile phones.

And still, there were reports, messages and the discussions representing interest for business - community. More brightly, than earlier, services in rent of program appendices through интернет (ASP) were submitted. The essence of this model is, that small and not too powerful enterprise can save means, not buying expensive(dear) license software, but "renting" these or similar programs on functionality at supplier ASP on channels of the Network. Advantages of such form of automation about the same as at leasing the equipment: payments are stretched(dragged out) in time, a fixed capital of the enterprise "are not burdened" and his(its) taxable base is a little reduced. But there is one more: the enterprise - user pays only that is really necessary for it(him), instead of for universal functionality which manufacturers of "box" products try to build in the development.

There were interesting discussions, how all the same in new conditions to earn on substantial filling ("контенте". Voices for the benefit of the greater diversification контента, allocation in the general(common) file were distributed, first, the free-of-charge information for general public (the most part of personal and corporate sites), second, the conditional - free-of-charge information for the advanced users (медиа-and business - portals), бесплатность which is limited to time frameworks or some conditions, and, at last, the paid exclusive information. Unfortunately, I did not manage to hear something about new successful projects of last type.

Interesting the idea which has been put forward by Anatoly Levenchukom ("ТехИнвестЛаб.ком" – idea #(6)' Ñí-services, their transformation into as much as possible standardized, globally sold goods has seemed, is similar all to favourite production "Макдональдса". The author has conditionally divided(shared) elements of technological process into "cursor" and design. The first is a standard tool of the supplier of service: « The cursor » for creation клиентских sites, "cursor" of free-of-charge e-mail etc. the Second is "packing" which should be enough various as much as possible satisfy inquiries and needs(requirements) of separate clients. In case of full expansion of this system, the client should not meet Ñí-designers any more to discuss ТЗ and to do(make) all that we have got used to do(make), having felt desire to get(start) the site. It(he) has enough « to rise on service » on the appropriate portal and itself to collect the site from standard кирпичиков just as we make the dinner of биг-poppies, a potato - фри etc.

In an ideal condition such system should allow to the client to unload the site created by him(it) in a certain standard format and at desire to proceed(pass) together with it(him) to another service - провайдеру.

To me as to the author of idea and the director of a problem(task) of development of a portal of " virtual offices » on, it was especially pleasant to receive the superfluous certificate of that, despite of all technological and organizational complexities inevitably accompanying such innovations, we move in a correct direction – a direction of development Ñí-services instead of web-presences.

By the way, I should notice, that the term "Ñí-service", due to efforts Microsoft, Sun and Oracle, has got new value and sounding, including on a past REEF. These corporations, partly in parallel, partly in common, have offered a complex of standardized technologies due to which in the near future on change "simply" to a web (web) there should come a "semantic" web. A difference basic: if earlier (and till now) the machines closed in the Network dealed "simply" with documents which maintenance(contents) could be clear only to the person the offered technologies enable machines to be guided in the maintenance(contents) of transmitted pages. In a combination to much more advanced opportunities of identification of users, these technologies allow the person to come in the Network "not simply" in information search, but behind more complex(difficult) and complex services.

At a level of the enterprises of a consequence of introduction "Ñí-services" are even more interesting. Apparently, the mistake of b2b-portals and trading platforms in интернете was, that they offered services in search of new partners, is artificial strengthening a competition while the enterprises want to work with existing partners, only is more effective. The technology "Ñí-services" enables corporate information networks of the various enterprises to cooperate not only directly, but at a level of separate appendices. It means, that if earlier the corporate network of the enterprise was separated from интернета by impenetrable border which was protected as the frontier of the USSR into new epoch of the enterprise mutually can penetrate each other the computer networks, deciding(solving) business - problems and leaving safety issues on "conscience" of new technologies. The Internet ceases to be « a zone of danger » for business, having remained maximum friendly means of delivery of the new services creating new cost.

And one more, not so serious, but an interesting stroke to a portrait of the REEF of this year. The main award of a forum as интернет-opening of year was received Масяня, by the animated girl, the favourite of children and the teenagers, given birth on site Мульт. Ру. It, in my opinion, is important for the Russian part of the Network: we for the present have not learned to do business in an online, but the generation going on change, already has learned to have a good time there.

And it means, that a return way from интернета, as well as from the market, at us is not present.


(1) And the history with МММ had in the basis imitation of the open market of investments on the American image

(2) Program development for foreign customers.

(3) ERP – the automated control system of resources of the enterprise.

(4) CRM - the automated control system клиентскими attitudes(relations).

(5) The author of these lines acted there with presentation of a portal of the IMC Network

(6) From англ. Commodity – the goods.


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