News from 04/27/2010 (System MMTS)
Inter-regional scientific - practical conference " Marketing of territories: modern experience of promotion of municipalities and regions "

April, 21, 2010 at 10-00 in a round hall of Administration of the Tver area (Tver, street. Soviet, . 23) Inter-regional scientific - practical conference " Marketing of territories was held: modern experience of promotion of municipalities and regions ".
As organizers of conference have acted "Tver" and the Tver Regional Resource Centre at support of Administration of the Tver area and International association " system MMTS ".
In conference have taken part more than 100 person: representatives Moscow and regional authorities, the chapter of municipal formations(educations), the director 17- the regional centres of System MMTS and representatives of conducting marketing agencies of Russia, representatives of enterprise associations and business - communities, and also heads of the enterprises of the Tver area.
Subjects of conference - generalization of modern experience of effective promotion of territory within the framework of region, the countries and the world community and revealing of basic elements of construction of strategy of regional development.
With salutatory word have acted:
Zuev K.E., the assistant to the governor to Tver area,
Askinazi G.L., vice-president "System MMTS", the first vice-president of the Moscow centre of development of small business

Within the framework of conference such questions as were discussed:
Measurement and the analysis of image and reputation of territory tools of marketing;
Development of marketing strategy of promotion of territories: involving of business and the public;
Technologies of increase of investment appeal of territory;
Brending regions and separate territories, experience of realization of marketing and communication programs;
Participation of territory and its(her) subjects in realization of federal and international programs;
Use of modern marketing tools in development of inter-regional communications(connections) and promotion of production of the enterprise on the new markets;
Innovational tools of territorial marketing;
Monocities: ways of the decision of problems with the help of tools of marketing;
Increase of prestige of territory, its(her) business and social competitiveness.
With reports have acted:
 Shabel'nikov S.V., general director "Moscow",
 Minenko E.V., head "Tver", . Directors of the Centre of marketing researches and communications "GOODWILL",
 Makatrova N.S. - general director "", the expert in the field of marketing strategy and programs (Moscow),
 Ivanov V.V., the head of Tver Union Turindustrii, the author of the project " the Gold way of Russia ",
 Zevatskij A.A., general director "Bryansk" (Open Company " PRO-movement "),
 Greeks ., the coordinator of the project " Examination for a civil society ", the expert - of " Fund of development of an information policy(politics) ", a member of the commission of advice(council) on local self-management at Chairman of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation,
 Stas' A.K., the editor - in - chief of magazine " Technologies of management of marketing ", the general director " Stas Marketing Partners ", the adviser for strategy of marketing and development of business
 Bogachev J.V., the general director " UBK group ", the chairman of board of Association of advertising agencies of the Tver area, the Member of the Tver regional Advice(council) " Support of Russia ",
 Zimin A.A. - ..., the dean of Engineering - economic faculty of the Ryazan state radio engineering university, general director "Ryazan" (" Contact "),
 Sklonjuk V.I., general director "-",
 ., . the general director of the company " and partners ", (Moscow) and others.