News from 04/12/2007 (System MMTS)
April, 11, 2007 opening the Meeting of business circles of Moscow and the Ulyanovsk area was held
April, 11, 2007 at 10-00 in a congress hall of hotel " wreath " (Ulyanovsks) opening the Meeting of business circles of Moscow and the Ulyanovsk area which are taking place within the framework of the project " the Business - marathon ' 2007 was held. Business mission of the Moscow small enterprises to Ulyanovsk ".
His(its) purpose - assistance in an establishment of direct industrial and trading cooperation of businessmen of two regions. Within one and a half months for 42 Moscow companies, participants of the project, organizers, the Moscow and Ulyanovsk regional offices of System of the Inter-regional Marketing centres, conducted work on search and selection of potential partners among the Ulyanovsk companies.
With them it was carried out(spent) more than 250 preliminary meetings during which have passed presentations of the Moscow firms and exploratory talk. More than 140 Ulyanovsk companies have expressed interest in cooperation and intention to accept personal participation in bilateral negotiations.
The greatest interest the Ulyanovsk businessmen was caused with production of 25 Moscow enterprises which became participants of business trip and a meeting holding April, 11.
Thus, on action the companies borrowed(occupied) in manufacture man's and lady's wear, a children's toy, children's clothes, the writing goods, cosmetics and perfumery, souvenir production, paint and varnish and finishing materials are submitted, to notions production, soft and kitchen furniture and accessories, building and household electricians, the sanitary goods, and also the goods for a house.
In opening ceremony and the press conference devoted to development of economic mutual relation of Moscow and Ulyanovsk as speakers have acted:
Zinnurov V.H. - minister of development of business of the Ulyanovsk area;
Guljaev O.A. - the director of Department of development of business of governmental body of the Ulyanovsk area;
Afanas'ev D.S. - a member of board Ulyanovsk in Moscow, the head of Department on work with banks and bank associations of Association of the Russian Banks;
Shabel'nikov S.V. - general director "Moscow";
Gidenko V.J. - the chief of a department of crediting of small business of the Ulyanovsk branch of bank VTB 24.
The information with results of action will be submitted later.