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News from 12/25/2006 (System MMTS)
Summarizing of the project the Business - marathon ' 2006. Business mission of the Moscow small enterprises to. Алматы
December, 12-14 in city of Almaty (Republic of Kazakhstans) the Business mission of the Moscow small enterprises being the next stage of realization of the program of the Government of Moscow has passed " the Business - marathon ' 2006. Business missions of the Moscow small enterprises to regions of the Russian Federation and the country of the CIS ".
The purpose of the project - assistance in an establishment of direct industrial and trading cooperation of businessmen of two regions.
More than 1200 applications has acted(arrived) from the Moscow small industrial enterprises on participation in " the Business - marathon ' 2006 ". In structure of participants of Business mission to. Алматы it was selected 26 Moscow companies.
At a stage of preparation for the Moscow participants of the project, employees Moscow and алматинского offices of System of the Inter-regional Marketing centres (System MMTS), carried out(spent) work on search and selection of potential partners among the Kazakhstan companies.
Within two months by forces ММЦ "Алматы" it was selected about 170 Kazakhstan enterprises appropriate to wishes of the Moscow participants of the project. With heads and leading experts of these companies exploratory talk, and also the personal meetings accompanied in presentations of production of small enterprises of Moscow were carried out(spent). More than 100 алматинских the companies have expressed interest in cooperation and intention to accept personal participation in bilateral negotiations.
The greatest interest the Kazakhstan businessmen was caused with production of 14 Moscow enterprises, manufacturers of systems of water purification, paint and varnish and finishing materials, household chemical goods, cosmetics, a children's toy, children's clothes, clothes, and also orthopedic products. These companies also became participants of the business trip holding December, 12-14.
In the first day of action, December, 12, in a conference hall "В" hotels " Kazakhstans " (. Алматы) the Meeting of business circles of Moscow and Republic of Kazakhstans within the framework of which bilateral negotiations of the Kazakhstan and Moscow businessmen were held was organized. In the second Business mission the Moscow businessmen have gone to offices алматинских the companies.
In total for two days of Business mission it was carried out(spent) 115 bilateral meetings, in 48 from which it was possible to reach(achieve) quite concrete agreements: arrangements on trial deliveries of the goods, dealer agreements, intentions on partnership. All participants of business trip have expressed full satisfaction results of the carried out(spent) meetings, having given a high assessment of works of organizers - ММЦ "Moscow" and ММЦ "Алматы".
And press conferences as speakers have acted in opening ceremony:
Раев Олжас Каирбекович - the Head of department of foreign trade of the Ministry of the industry and trade РК
Бияров Мухтархан Нуралдинович - the Vice-president of Presidium of commercial and Industrial chamber of. Алматы
Ponomarenko Sergey Ivanovich - the First vice-president of the Moscow centre of development of business
Shabel'nikov S.V. - general director ММЦ "Moscow".