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Partners Search and Matchmaking on Russian Market
Business Mission and Business Meetings Organization

Our potential clients:
∙ Small and medium-sized enterprises
∙ Large foreign associations
∙ Associations or corporations united according to a territory or profile
∙ Trade and commerce chambers of embassies
∙ Governmental bodies that support enterprise
∙ Marketing companies and others



1. /content/doc-1-7986.html
A Customer orders this kind of service when he is not quiet certain whether a manufactured product will be in demand at Russian market. A company has not decided if they should take a trip to Russia and is making inquiries whether they should enter Russian market. That is why the main goal of the Presentatin Marketing is to acquire information on a profile market that may result in Customers decision to travel to Russia.

The service includes:
∙ Estimating the prospects of your commercial offer at a regional market;
∙ Analyzing the level of interest in collaboration with the potential partners;
∙ Creating a detailed database on potential partners that will contain not only validated information on companies but additional updates as well that are not mentioned in official mass media sources (area, permeability and so on). /content/doc-1-7986.html

2. /content/doc-1-7959.html
∙ Is ordered when a Customer is quiet certain in his success if entering Russian market and is determined to travel to Russia Thats is why the main goal of the Business Mission project is to organize meetings with firms that would become partners to our Customer. The outcome of the IMC Moscow work will be meetings between our Customer and Russian companies that based on the results of preliminary meetings claimed their interest in collaboration. /content/doc-1-7959.html

Business Mission format:
- /content/doc-1-7974.html suggests that representatives of foreign companies visit potential Russian partner companies and hold negotiations on collaboration with heads of a company or deputies. Business trips are organized according to the prepared schedule and route all involving travel logistics. /content/doc-1-7974.html

- /content/doc-1-7996.html è refers to negotiation tour between foreign companies representatives and selected Russian companies based on special rented business hall in major hotels or business centers according to the IMC Moscow prepared schedule. /content/doc-1-7996.html

- /content/doc-1-8002.html is a specially organized marketing event targeted to attract potential business partners and clients as well as mass media in order to introduce them to a product or a company newly emerged at a market.. Presentation includes the formal part that is dedicated to presentation of a company or a group of companies, official negotiations with the invited Russian companies and informal communication during buffet./content/doc-1-8002.html

If your commercial offer proves to have a relative competitive ability you will be guaranteed to acquire business partners in Russia.

3. Marketing research and evaluation of profile Russian markets (estimating the size of a market, trends and prospects of development, competitors, schemes of product promotion and collaboration, Russian customers preferences).

4. /content/doc-1-7965.html

The special technology applied by the IMC Moscow allows develop a plan of product promotion on Russian market and create customized marketing solutions according to the goals of your company.

Geography of our work:
Moscow Nizhniy Novgorod Ryazan Yaroslavl
Saint- Petersburg Kazan Tymen Krasnodar
Novosibirsk Samara Voronezh Ufa and others. td>

Our partners and clients
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